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If you look off to the right of this post (if you are not on bloglines which by the way… if you are not on bloglines, then subscribe so you can keep track of all of your blogs) then you will see that there is a new podcast episode called “How To Be A Winner – Part 1” If you are at bloglines, then just click here and go to my podcast page. This is part one of a two part episode on some tips, tricks and ideas that could help you go to the next level.

For those who care and need to know details. This was a lecture that was recorded live at the National Children’s Ministries Leadership Conference hosted by the Assemblies of God in Springfield, MO.

I hope you enjoy it – and as always, I would love your feedback.

I have some more pics of the new set that I had built for our TOYS series. I will post them when I get the chance.

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Here are a few pictures of the props that are making up the set for our new series in Kids’ Church “TOYS – everyday fun… eternal truths”.

The first pic is of me and my 3 year-old daughter, Emma, atop of the giant legos. These are a few of 6 total that were built for us by a guy in our church. They are actually made of wood and the bottoms are finished as well and actually have holes that perfectly fit the knobs on the tops – these things can actually be stacked like the real thing!

The second pic is on me and the giant Rubik’s Cube, a Lego on bottom and the big Paddle-Ball Paddle. Off to the right on the floor, leaning up against the sound booth, you can see the monkeys for the Barrel of Monkeys.

I’ll add some more shots of the finished set later (My projection screens look like Etch-a-Sketches – the same guy made all of this stuff for us!) Can you tell that I am totally geeked about this series?

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This is a post form my church blog for parents:

We are starting the new series in KidZone Church this weekend called: “TOYS – everyday fun… eternal truths” The room is gonna be amazing! Kristie Kerr and her entourage of amazing decorators and set-design gurus will be unleashed upon the room formerly known as the secondary auditorium this week to adorn it with jumbo-sized replicas of classic toys.

Each week we will take a classic or famous toy and turn it into an illustrative message that will be unforgettable!

I really don’t mind if you, as parents, would like to come in and see the room and stay for the service – there’s no doubt that your minds will be flooded with memories of the days by-gone of yesteryear when you, as a youngins, occupied the floor of your bedrooms, frolicking about with many of the toys that you will see!

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