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Here are a few things that have gotten folks distracted from doing what God has called them to do in ministry to children and families. If you’re saying these things to yourself or others… time to re-evaluate what you’re doing and re-align your thoughts:

  1. “My pastor never promotes what I do. “
  2. “These parents don’t care about what I do.”
  3. “I don’t have a big enough budget.”
  4. “I don’t get paid enough.”
  5. “That’s what Church B does.”
  6. “I do twice as much as that pastor and get paid less and have a smaller budget.”
  7. “Wish I could decorate that room however I want.”
  8. “I need more kids to come to this.”
  9. “Nobody wants to volunteer.”
  10. “I wish…. (put anything here).”
Can you relate? Don’t let these thoughts consume you. Go back to the vision God put in front of you and get back to work.
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Here’s part two (2) of this topic – just a few items that might help you in your ministry to kids. I hope it helps someone out there…

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Study those who have perfected the art

I look to children’s ministry leaders who have been there and done it – “it” being what I really want to do or have been called to do. People like Jim Wideman, Dick Gruber, Randy Christensen and Dan Rector have done it all. I also like to look at the unsung heros who have still been there and done “it”. Friends to many to mention.

I also like to study the people who do what I do in both church and non-church related settings. David Ginn, Sammy Smith, Barry Mitchell and others who’s main bread and butter is entertaining and educating kids at School Assemblies. I have written a bit more about David Ginn here.

Go To Creative Idea Places

I go shopping and sometimes never buy anything – but I have a camera on my phone and can take notes. I go to hardware/home improvement stores, toy stores, magic shops, costume shops, arts/crafts stores, surplus shops, flea markets and tourist traps… Oh, I’m sure there are more places that I’ve shopped and gotten good ideas at. Be watchful – you never know where you’ll be when you see an idea for an object lesson, game, skit, illustration or character.

Listen To Your Pastor

He will have the heartbeat of the church in regard to the vision. In staff meetings, take him seriously, take notes, take action. If he’s suggesting something it probably means that that’s the direction he’d like to go. If you don’t understand what he wants, ask him and assure him that you are supportive and want to go the same direction. Make sure you’re listening to his sermons either live (preferably) or via the web or a CD – this will give you great insight into his heart!

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