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The other day I was over on another KidMin Blog …which will remain nameless. Unless, of course,  you care to scour the internet trying to find the blog I’m talking about and post a comment about it here. I’ll give you a hint: can you say “wordpress”?  So, I’m cruising through some past posts and to my surprise, my name came up in regard to a post on my blog.  The person commenting was very complimentary – and that, of course, always makes one feel good. However, a few posts down, someone else wrote:

“I don’t like Jamie Doyle, nor his blog.  He tends to write as if he’s some kind of know-it-all.  He’s not!  He’s very biased and cannot seem to post but few times a year.”

I read that and thought – “WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TWEET THIS!” I mean, people would’ve been intrigued… And come here to see what the criticism is all about.

The thing I found very interesting is that, this person knows enough about me and must follow my blog to know that I’m a sporadic blogger.  Obviously this person has more time on their hands then I do to spend their days monitoring blogs and bloggers that they don’t like.

I, on the other hand am very interested in spending my time breathing life into KidMin leaders who need to push forward regardless of their circumstances. So let me offer up some advice to my readers, whether they support what I do or criticize it: Find ways to build the kingdom – we really don’t have much time.

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