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An amazing thing happened to me after church on Sunday.  My Pastor passed me in the office hallway and said something to the effect of:

“I saw you in there today with the kids.  You do a great job. I wish I could get up there more often to see you do your thing.  Thank you!”

There was some more small-talk and then off we went our separate ways for the day.

So, why was this an amazing thing?  Here’s why:  Most Sunday’s, I go home feeling like a thousand feet tall because the “Sunday morning kids ministry” is my element!  I thrive in that element and am at my best.  I’m not bragging here, just telling you what makes me tick and what I’m passionate about.  This past Sunday, however, I went home feeling like I was a thousand feet tall AND walking on clouds.  Why?  Well, one reason is that Karl Bastian showed up, snapped a bunch of pics and posted them along with like, 20 tweets braggin’ up my church’s facilities… but beyond that – it’s simple really:

My Pastor invested in me for 30 seconds and let me know he noticed me.

Why is this amazing?  It’s amazing in the fact that it shouldn’t be amazing.  But the fact that it happened when it’s not the norm in churches, grabs my attention.  (Am I making sense here?) Please be aware that my Pastor is very good at paying compliments and notices his whole staff.  But, it’s not the case with every Pastor in every church.

I personally know of Pastors that pay compliments from the platform but never really say it to staff member’s faces – “church politics”.  Places where staff feel as if they were never noticed, just tolerated.  At a seminar, an older Pastor stated during his session that he was already paying his staff, so they didn’t need compliments and “thank you’s” for doing what they were expected to do anyway.  I still love these guys… but, they all have one thing in common: They go through a lot of staff members.

Pastor, if you’re out there and you’re reading this… Here’s the challenge:

  • Notice your staff this week.
  • Stop and talk to them for 30 seconds.
  • Tell them when they’re doing a good job.
  • Say some “thank you’s” – When is the last time you sent a thank you card to a staff member?
  • Pay them a few compliments

Trust me, you’ll see a difference in the loyalties and the attitudes.

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