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That’s right, I’m having a ONE day sale starting TODAY Friday, July 22, 2010

Here’s the deal.  You’ll get 7 of my ebooks for only $20.00. READ THAT AGAIN!

If you were to buy these separately from my online bookstore, you’d pay $50.00

Why in the world would I do this? I’m a generous guy I guess… but here’s the deal:  The sale ends at 11:59 PM (Mountain Standard Time -USA) July 22, 2011

The Titles include:

  • Adding Flash To Your Lessons Vol. 1 & 2
  • Incredible Object Lesons
  • MORE Incredible Object Lessons
  • EVEN MORE Incredible Object Lessons
  • Teaching Kids To Give Vol. 1
  • Teaching Kids To Give Vol. 2

So, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Use and send $20.00 (USD) to the e-mail address:
  2. In the “E-mail the Recipient ” section, put ebook deal in the Subject Line
  3. Put your e-mail address in the Message field
  4. When I see you’re funds have been sent, I’ll send you an e-mail with a link along with a password to download each book. (once you reeceive the link and password, you’ll have until July 31 to download the books.  After that, the links will be inactive)

You can go to my online bookstore to read descriptions and even see samples of each book – BUT REMEMBER – this deal is NOT AVAILABLE at my online bookstore.


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Last night we held our teacher training night (we do this once every 2 months) we come together and I endeavor to teach on 1-2 topics that could help a teacher be better equipped in his/her classroom or service. Last night, I focused on discipline in the classroom and some practical teaching tips. For my session on discipline, I decided to get another “specialist’s” thoughts and perspective. The one and only Joe McAlpine Skyped in and presented about a 20 minute talk on discipline in KidMin settings. Our team of 28 loved it! (We even got treated to an extra special guest, David, Joe’s 4 year old son made a sudden appearance – spider-man hat and all!) I appreciated Joe’s willingness to give up some time and give his thoughts and perspective.

Now less then a year ago, Joe (who teamed up with Terry Cuthbertson) hosted a conference in which they had me Skype in for a session (which I was honored to do)

Most of what Joe talked about were things that I could have said. But, there’s just something about bringing in a guest who is perceived as a “specialist” The percepting is funny: “This guy is from the other side of the country, he obviously knows what he’s talking about…”

I also think it’s just a good idea to bring in a new face and a different voice from time to time. So, here’s what I got to thinking: I’m willing to give up a few minutes once in a while to help a fellow KidMin pastor/leader with a training session via Skype. And I’m guessing some of you are too. I mean, it’s not difficult to set up and your team will feel like they are getting a “specialist’s” perspective. Start a pool of KidMin Leaders in your network of friends that are willing to give up a few minutes once in a while to Skype in (iChat/Tokbox/etc) to KidMin Training times.

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