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Discouragement comes at the oddest of times for those who are in the ministry.  Often it’s right after a major victory – wanna know why?  The devil would like you, in your own mind, to accept the idea that what just happened is now null and void, due to the crisis, or event(s) that showed up afterwards.

Other times, discouragement comes when nothing seems to be happening in your ministry – or, things haven’t been going right for a longer period of time.  In this case, the devil would like it very much if you felt useless, under-qualified, or obsolete in your position as a leader.

Don’t think for a moment that this wasn’t planned.  Our enemy is very strategic and is an expert at planning ahead.

Here are a few suggestions of how you can kick it into gear.  Why?  Because, kicking it into gear will get you out of your office chair, off the sidelines – or in some cases: up off the floor.

      1. Pray
      2. Go back and redraft the vision God gave you in the first place
      3. Make an appointment with someone you respect and tell them your vision – sell it to them!
      4. Revisit the victories your CM has won in the past year – now make a list of victories to win from this point on
      5. Go to every classroom and imagine something new that could happen in the next month
      6. Go to that bigger church in town and take notes, pictures and promo pieces and list what you could “borrow” and start doing it.
      7. If you are the bigger church in town – here’s an edgy idea: Go to the smaller church that is on it’s way up and see the drive, determination and vision that’s there.  What can you “borrow”?
      8. Talk to a mentor in CM
      9. If you don’t have a mentor is CM – get one!
      10. Get with your Pastor and get his fresh perspective on the vision for the church
      11. Have kids in your church do a survey to tell you what they really like about church and what they would like to do.
      12. Pray
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