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Something difficult I’ve realized in the journey of a KidMin pastor is that most Lead Pastors don’t have a specific vision for children’s ministry.  And guess what?  That’s OK!

Now, let me say off the bat, that I am blessed to currently serve a Pastor who has a specific vision for the church and has some incredible insight to what should happen within the Children’s Ministry. But, he also likes it when his staff takes the vision of the church and runs with it within their ministry departments.

I was told a long time ago, by a trusted mentor, that when interviewing for a Children’s Pastor position, to ask the Pastor all the right questions – one being “What’s your vision for the children’s ministry?”   Or, when you’re finally at a church to periodically go into the pastor’s office and get some vision updates by asking the same question so you know how to stay on track.  And if he cannot answer with a specific vision, it’s probably not the church where children are a priority.

The previous philosophy is skewed and faulty.  Now, I’m not saying that a Lead Pastor cannot have a vision for children’s ministry.  If your pastor can genuinely answer the question, there will be obvious benefits.  However, I am guessing, that if you were to ask the Lead or Senior Pastors of the world to give their vision for the Children’s Ministries at their churches… most would scratch their heads, some would make something up on the spot and a select few would give you a specific direction.

I said earlier that, that is OK.  As a matter of fact, that’s probably why you’re being considered for the job – or, are already there.  Your pastor is the general practitioner and he’s looking for a specialist, who can help spell out what is really needed to move forward.  That’s YOU.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned to go into my pastor’s office when I need direction and have my vision conversation with him like this:  “I am constantly looking for creative ways to effectively communicate and fulfill the vision of our church with the children and our leaders. I am also finding innovative ways to make the mission of the church happen with the children and leaders.  So, where do you see our church going this year?  What directives do you want to see happen within the body?  Are there any priorities or goals that you believe we need to meet to move to the next level?”

Then, I let my pastor dream in front of me.  He talks, I take notes.  Because, my job is to make the overall vision and mission of the church happen within my department.

Once my pastor has given an update to the vision of the church, I can now follow up with: “I’m ready to take this vision, implement it and see God do some incredible things in our children.  Do you see anything specifically with children’s ministry that you sense God is putting on your heart that I can take and run with?”

Then, I let my pastor dream and talk some more.  If he talks a lot, I know that he’s really been thinking about it and has some specific direction.  If he reiterates what he said earlier, or says little in regard to specifics, then I know that his objective is to see the vision happen church-wide.

Go have a vision meeting.

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EXPERIENCES …kids remember them!

The phrase, “Gospel Magic” conjures up some interesting images in many KidMin leaders’ minds.  For some, it’s a passion, for others it was a passing fad, still others shy away because of a bad experience.

The art of magic really has nothing to do with witchcraft, sorcery, spells, ghosts, spirits, potions or wizards.

It really has to do with creating experiences. Experiences that are fun, amazing, memorable and at times, unexplained. Children are visual creatures and have a tendency to be impressed, intrigued and interested in the unexplained.  I can’t think of a better method to use when teaching children about Jesus, His love and His promises!

Great Magicians Created Experiences

Name the magicians who were known by the general public in their day.  Why were they known?  Sure, they all had incredible skill and amazing equipment. But one thing set them apart from the competition of the day.  They knew how to create experiences.

Great Magicians Of The Day

Personalities like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Tim Burton, Charles Schulz, Erno Rubik, Michael Jordan, J. R. R. Tolkien  and even the fictional Willie Wonka are all just as much magicians, in their own right and expertise as Harry Houdini, David Copperfield and David Blaine are in their own right.  And it is because they became masters of creating experiences…

…Experiences that have changed the way we look at everyday life.

Own This Concept

This, in essence is our job as KidMin Leaders; to create experiences that will burn into our audiences’ memories forever.  The next time they hear a certain song, smell a certain scent, see another magician; they will automatically be transported back in time to the moment they had an EXPERIENCE with YOU.

Thanks to Keith Tusing over at – this blog post first appeared over there.  Go to the site and see all the other cool stuff!

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