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Children in our churches are becoming increasingly unlearned as far as the Bible is concerned.

I hear many KidMin Leaders complain about the problem — mainly because there is no starting point. I have taken that as a personal mission to do whatever I can to become part of the solution. Here are a few of my ideas. Adopt any or all at your discretion:

  • Encourage kids to bring a Bible with them to church – offer points for attendance and when they bring their Bibles with them.
  • Take time to look up key verses, passages and stories during large group and small group times.
  • If necessary, instruct the children in HOW to find verses, passages and stories in their own Bibles.
  • Have good old Sword Drills — trust me: children still love the challenge!
  • Carry a Bible with you when you teach and preach. Open it, motion to it, make it a symbol of significance.
  • Have several sources for parents who want to get their child their own Bible.
  • Take a year and teach the significant stories through the Bible — example: we taught on the Old Testament for September, October & November; December we taught all about the Christmas story; January, February, we are learning about the miracles of Jesus; March is all about some popular parables of Jesus; April will be the Easter story and May will focus on the early church.
  • Do a series on the importance of God’s Word, how we got the Bible and all the amazing facts about it.
  • Give parents a reading plan they can follow with their children.
  • Have a memory verse challenge where there are incentives for memorizing scripture.
  • Play memory verse games during your classes and services – share those ideas with parents so they can play the games at home.
  • Use music and songs for your worship time that are based on scripture.

What would you add?

Comment below and let us know how you engage kids in the greatest resource available to them.

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oregon_trail-565x387_6Our entire family is excited to be at Stateline Community Church (Milton-Freewater, OR) for the 2015 Walla Walla Children’s Leadership Conference on February 19 & 2o. If you are in or near the Walla Walla, WA / Milton-Freewater, OR area – please come and see us and enjoy a great conference. Click here to find out more about the conference. Registration information is also available.

We are also SUPER PUMPED about being part of the Stateline’s Family Missions Service on Sunday, February 22. Pastor Owen Frost was my youth pastor when I was a gangly junior high aged kid. He planted a seed that’s been growing all these years in my life. Aside from that, Owen and his wife, Jennifer, pastor a great church that is reach their community by focusing on the family.

Please pray for us as we litterally will hit the Oregon Trail on Tuesday morning.

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My guest on this post is Glen Woods.  I had the opportunity to meet-up with Glen and some other super-cool #kidmin leaders at Group Publishing’s “ReGroup” event a few weeks ago.  Glen is the Children’s Ministry Pastor at Portland Open Bible Church in Portland, OR.  His commitment to longevity is amazing!  His passion for the church to be missional is moving.  His desire to train the next generation is inspiring – as evidenced in this post… I know you will be encouraged:

This Easter Sunday, four young people gathered with me for a quick huddle and a prayer. Grins betrayed their excitement. Careful attentiveness revealed their serious desire to do their best as my ministry partners for one of our busiest ministry days of the year. As my early childhood children’s church team, they were about to minister alongside me to twenty-five wiggly 2 ½ year-olds through six year-olds. At ages 17, 16, 16, and 12 respectively, my team members have long since passed their wiggly years. But for three of them who grew up in this church, I remember those days clearly. I remember their stories and growing pains. And now they all are my colleagues.

The twelve year-old is our budding Bible teacher. The others are eager to do what ever needs to be done to love these kids with Jesus’ love. I am proud of this emerging generation which is so passionate to make a difference despite the challenges of their own upbringing. Some pundits cite a trend of entitlement and laziness. I see a remnant of young godly saints rising up as a prophetic voice to their own generation, as well as to their parents’ generation and those yet to come. Through their actions they are calling on their peers to follow Jesus along with them. Their passion to heed the gospel inspires me to join with them, wherever Jesus may lead.

What stories of how God is moving among young people might be developing in your worship community? What part might you play in encouraging them to engage fully in God’s purposes for their lives?

You can read more of Glen’s thoughts and ideas over at his blog: Children’s Ministry Conversation.
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