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We are hosting our 3rd Family Advent Night at our church this Thursday.

It’s an event that draws families together as it kicks-off the Christmas season. We decided to try it our first Christmas at this church since attending one at our home-base church as missionaries. It was great fun to eat Christmas goodies, drink hot chocolate, sing some Christmas Carols and make an Advent calendar as a family.

Here are a few tips to consider starting your own Advent Night next year:

  • Set the date before December starts. We don’t follow a traditional Advent set of dates — we basically set the calendar for December 1 — December 25
  • Provide Christmas Themed Tr
  • eats (cookies, hot cocoa, hot cider, punch, etc)
  • Be sure to explain what Advent means. This is your opportunity to present to the entire family
  • Provide the materials for families to make a pre-determined Advent calendar (Check Pinterest for ideas).
  • Involve your Lead Pastor and give him/her a part to play in the presentation.
  • Allow it to evolve. Not only has our event grown over the last year… it’s evolved! Our first year was very basic and now we have a Santa come ahead of time for photos and to move among the families while making their Calendars. We have many other people involved who take on the various projects (decorating, food, registrations, etc) You can watch the promo video here to get a feel for what we do.
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