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Alright – it’s about time!

For a number of years friends in the ministry have been asking where we get our background music. We use a variety from a variety of sources… but, my favorite background music is the stuff we make ourselves.
For the last few years, I’ve been using Apple’s program GarageBand to create music for games, character entrances/exits, performances, multi-media presentations… really whatever we needed it for.
I’ve taken all the background tracks we’ve created over the last few years and put them all together on one CD. 22 royalty-free music tracks for you to use. Tracks 1-11 are samples and 12-22 are repeated as extended tracks. You can listen to the first track here.
Just go to the online bookstore and order it! And don’t forget you can buy my other books as instant downloads too… I’m just sayin’.
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OK – So, I’ve combined two books into one download.  These are the books that people asked me to write when I would present lectures on using simple pyro-tech object lessons.  I would finish the workshop and people would ask, “Hey, you got a book about all this?”

Adding Flash To Your Lessons
Adding MORE Flash to Your Lessons
Oh – and a big thanks to all of you who have bought my books online these past few months.
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I have recently come into some extra time and I realized that I had promised the 3rd Object Lessons book a few posts back. So, I went through the book, made corrections and updated it as much as possible and – well… here it is!

“EVEN MORE Incredible Object Lessons”
Yep – 12 more illustrated lessons you can use in your kids church or Sunday School. Simple props, basic content yet, powerful messages. Check it out in the bookstore!

And guess what? I am planning a 4th object lessons book. But, I am having a hard time trying to figure out a title. I’ve toyed with: “Oh No… Another Incredible Object Lessons Book” or “Not Again”. Or perhaps: “The Fourth and Final Incredible Object Lessons Book: well maybe not fianl” .

Got any suggestions? If I use your title or idea for a title, I’ll give you a free copy of any of my exsisting Object Lessons Books or you could wait until the new one comes out – Have at it!

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Well – here’s another new product in the bookstore… Direct from my latest Gospel Magic Lecture! 48 pages long with 15 of my complete routines – including:
  • Knot Another Rope Trick (Kids are important to God)
  • I Must Decrease-He Must Increase (The title says it all)
  • Consequences Game show (Jesus took our place on the cross)
  • Instant Bible Coloring Book (A new twist on an old prop)
  • Going Thru Tough Changes (God wants to change us – it’s not easy)
  • The Torn and Restored Heart/AKA Bag-O-Plenty (This is a great salvation message)
  • Bible Tear – Flash Restoration (God’s Word lasts forever)
  • Cast Your Cares on Him (The worries of this world)
  • Three in One (The Trinity)
  • God Already Knows (God is ALL KNOWING)
  • God Can Use Your Little (Tithes)
  • Borrowed Ring To Nest of Boxes (Accepting God’s plan for your life)
  • Broken Heart Frame (God can mend a heart broken by sin)
  • 5-Card Monte with 6 Cards (Find the best way to Heaven)

–Plus 20 Routine Ideas for the POPCORN DYE BOX! (Ideas for the most inexpensive prop)

These are my signature routines that have been tried and tested over the past 15+ years all over America and even overseas!
*PLEASE NOTE: You will notice that there are several of the same effects listed as in my earlier lecture notes: “Tricky Lessons”
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Well… it’s been a short while since adding something new to the bookstore… and after a few workshops on object lessons – the question arose as to whether I had these books available online? Well… I had one of them available. So I’ve taken the time to add the second.

I have added Vol. 2 of the Incredible Object Lessons series: MORE Incredible Object Lessons You get eight more object lessons that include elements of science, illusion, and mystery… All with items from around your home or from your church’s supply closets!

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, I will add Vol. 3 EVEN MORE Incredible Object Lessons. But, until them – head to the bookstore, browse, buy and download!
…and to those of you have purchased the books in the past month – thaks for your business!
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I am really excited to announce this latest addition to the bookstore. Excited because it’s a project that my wife, Jennifer and I worked on together. It’s our Children’s Ministries Volunteer Manual. It’s the very manual that we developed and used in our own children’s ministries department – and now we’re making it available to you.

It’s a great resource for those of you who need to develop a manual of policies, procedures and resources for your children’s ministry leaders. Just take the ideas and adapt them. You can get it in the bookstore.

My beautiful wife did the layout/design and helped with the editing.

Check it out and let me know what you think!Link

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Need some object lessons? Object Lessons are my favorite! Well… next to the evils of Gospel Magic. The cool thing about object lessons – is that, they’re everywhere! A couple of years ago, I took some of my favorite object lessons and put them together in a book to sell at conferences and lectures. It was such a hit that I wrote another and then another and finally two more on simple pyro-technique object lessons.

Here’s that first book – it’s called: “Incredible Object Lessons Vol. 1”. It’s 13 incredible object lessons that you can use to illustrate Gospel truths to children. Some are scientific in nature, others present more like gospel magic routines and still others use common items from around your home. You’ll have fun presenting these lessons and the children will remember the truths taught!

It’s in the store so click here and you can download it for a small fee. Don’t worry, I plan to add the others as I go!

Let me know how you like the book!

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I tell people all the time that I practice “the evils of Gospel magic…” I usually get laughs, sometimes stares and most times I get, “Yeah, uh, welcome to McDonald’s…”

So this post I have included a great Easter Illusion that clearly illustrates the Resurrection of Christ. You get to make the prop (so easy – um, a caveman could do it…) so you can re-use it or make more. The utility prop has been coined “the Bag O’ Plenty” by friend and fellow illusionist, Eric Reamer. Once the bag is made and you have experimented around with it a few times, you could make more and create all kinds of routines and lessons!

it’s a free download with the same company that I publish my books through and put online:

Go Here for the Download and enjoy practicing the “evils of Gospel Magic!”

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