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  2. I’m not one to shy away from the trickier parts of the Bible. If anything, I jump at the chance to share them because I believe they are important and do not get talked about enough. I try to do things in an age appropriate way and be sensitive to my audience, but without making the Bible out to be something it isn’t, namely a fun book with cute little stories about bunnies, princesses, superheroes, and unicorns (which are actually mentioned in the KJV oddly enough). When teaching on David nearly assassinating Saul in the cave, I told the kids Saul was, “reading the paper.” The older kids understood what I meant and my body language pretty much gave it away, but the younger kids didn’t as much and parents were thankful for that. Also, when teaching about David defeating Goliath I got to the part right before David decapitated his fallen foe, but cliffhangered it and told the kids if they wanted to read the rest of the story they could read it with their parents when they got home.

  3. their honest answers allowed me to see the hearts of this volunteer team i am just beginning to get to know. they so long for children to see and experience Jesus. how excited i am to see all God will do through such a dedicated team this year. i have shared their lists below and hope to hold our team (starting with me) accountable this year to making the Gospel the goal. what ideas could you add to helping make the Gospel the goal in all areas of kidmin?

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