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  1. I grew up with a magician for a grandfather. Actually, a gospel magician. He was one of those who took magic tricks and put a gospel application with them to use as an entertaining object lesson. (He was kinda known for that.) There are SO MANY biblical truths that I learned and understood as a young kid through grandpa’s tricks! Things that stuck with me for years…

    Even as a kid, I realized that some of my Sunday School teachers got it–how to creatively teach God’s Word in memorable ways–and some didn’t. (The phrase “bored to tears” should NOT come to a 4th grader’s mind during a Bible lesson.) So I started to make notes for myself at age 9 so that when I grew up, I wouldn’t forget what it was to be a kid. That’s when my mom suggested that I not wait until I was grown to help teach other kids. I’ve been serving in CM ever since. Using illusions, puppets, juggling, creative storytelling, props, toys, interactivity, songs, rhymes, even yo-yo’s and Rainbow Looms–whatever works to grab kids’ attention, illustrate the topic, and make it memorable.

    Creativity in methodology is NOT about entertainment for entertainment’s sake. It’s about engagement with the message, first for understanding, then for ownership.

  2. Amy – Know of your grandfather… I have that book 🙂

    It’s great that he instilled into you a passion for visually teaching children in a way that they won’t forget!

    Keep up the great work,

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