One comment on “Teach the Word – Teach ON the Word part 2

  1. Jamie –

    Glad to find this blog post today. (linked from CMConnect). I am pursuing the same teaching format for a Wednesday night breakout series. We call it Sword Training! The main focus is to actively get the kids using their bibles – knowing what it says – going to the Word when they have a need. Want to get them encouraged and comfortable to use the Good Book!
    This will be our second series. The first go around was specifically teaching them about the Bible, with history, how to use it and finding topics or verses. Had a great time with it.
    Heading into it this go around want to get specific with basic bible theology. Build the series before using original elements and the curriculum from DiscipleTown, How to Use my Bible. Looking at River’s Edge Kaboom.
    Were there any resourses you found helpful or a curriculum you used to pull from as you put your lessons and teaching elements together? Would appreciate any advise you can offer!
    I teach in a large group setting with k-5 grade kiddos!

    Thank you!

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