3 comments on “The KidMin Networking Why’s

  1. Kidmin is the BEST Place to BE in the Church of course! It\’s ptnrneairg with parents in the raising of the next generation of God\’s people who are sold out to following Jesus and telling others about Him! It\’s hangin out with amazing, passionate, talented people who serve God with their gifts and love their calling. It\’s the most humbling privelege and opportunity to be a part of God\’s plan! There is nothing that has greater value or more impact! And it\’s WAY COOL!!!

  2. What about you? What tips do you have for more effective networking? Please make sure to pass them on in the comment section below, and keep looking for opportunities to connect with other great children’s ministry leaders!

  3. This week I had the daunting task of teaching the whole metanarrative story of the Bible in under 25 minutes to our #kidmin students. Our theme for the weekend was restoration and we centered ourselves scripturally in Revelation 22:1-6.

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