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Ok, here are some more things that you could do to help you make ministry better:

4. Plan on being flexible. If you have experieneced ministry to kids for any amount of time – you’ll know that being flexible is crucial. Things change and you have to be able to adapt. And learn how to NOT complain when those things change. Perhaps (and more than likely) those things have changed because God had a better plan. You may not see the reason until years from now, but when you see the reason – the light will go on. You should also breed the attitude of flexibility in your leaders

5. Plan activities and events outside of your weekend service. These are the times that you and your leaders get to know the kids… And they get to know you. These can also be great places for you to help children get to know one another. Some of these activities can be ministry related like: retreats, camps, park outreaches, service projects and so on. And these can also be fun events where the kids get to see you be… Well, you – like: sporting events, picnics, waterparks, carnivals, scavenger hunts, camping trips, field trips and the list goes on!

6. Network with other people who do what you do. Find out if there are any children’s ministry network meetings in your area – if there are none, start one! This can be beneficial for you and the others involved. You’ll get great ideas, give ideas, share resources, be able to borrow resources (stay within legal boundaries with this one), be encouraged and encourage others. I would encourage you to get a membership and read and post your ideas or comments in the network zone.

I’ll have more keys in the next posting. Comment if you think of other tips…

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I want to share with you a number of things that I think can make what you with kids better. I in no way claim that Jamie Doyle is an expert or better than the fine folks like yourself who read this blog. These are just the things that have helped me out over the years and maybe they can help you to:

1. Give your children’s ministry a name and create a logo that communicates your presence to the rest of the church. For a great resource for custom children’s ministry logos at an affordable price and some free logos if you are at a church that has a tight budget – go to

2. Have a vision for what you are doing. Understand the vision for the church, make it your vision and then strategically plan how to communicate that vision to your family, leaders, parents and kids. If you hare having a hard time finding out what your Pastor’s vision is, go to church and find out what he’s preaching about – get his sermon CD’s or pod casts and you will get a better gauge of where your church is going.

3. Advertise what you are doing. Put your information out for people to access. Print brochures, flyers and information for parents and kids. It should be information that is presented in a quality manner that helps people understand your principles and what you are doing, where you are going and how to jump on board. Keep your ministry in front of the church by using t-shirts, banners, signage, badges and ministry programs and events that make a difference. Go to for some cool promo materials.

I’ll have more keys in the next posting – comment if you think of other tips…

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