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Stop Using that Rubber Chicken!

These kids are bored, sometimes, because, they keep seeing the same props over and over and over again. Sure, you bought that rubber chicken because you knew the kids would laugh when you pulled it out of your briefcase. And I commed you. Every #kidmin leader needs a rubber chicken! But ever since, that thing had shown up every time you need to illustrate the concept of fear, or anytime a character needed a funny prop to display. Maybe for you, it’s not a rubber chicken. Maybe its a flaming Bible, a fake brain, a decorated gift box or any other oddity or novelty item that has adorned your children’s ministry supply closet.

It seems easy to pull these props – it’s our default setting. “I need something extra here… hmm… ah ha! I’ll use this pair of jumbo sunglasses!” But are your kids seeing those jumbo sunglasses too often? Are kids already anticipating what your are going to use to illustrate a point? When you pull out that prop, are they saying “Oh, that again…”?

Look over your service planning sheets for the last year and count the number of times your commonly used props have been used. Is it time to store that away? Give it away? THROW IT AWAY?

I’m preaching to my self here, I know. But let’s all take stock of what we have. Be a good steward of it. Evaluate. Make changes.

Be blessed.

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Well, would you? I think I would. I have a name tag ball that’s pretty big – it’s actually as big as my head (no jokes please!).

How did this thing get started? A few years ago I actually saw a friend of mine at a neighboring church with a giant name tag ball. He told me that the most popular thing with his kids is getting to add their name tag to the ball as they leave… I took the idea and ran with it. At the particular church that
I was at, we got a name tag ball going that got as big as a basketball before we left.
The one you see me holding is about as big as my head and growing. (we’ve been adding to the ball since June – and yes, it’s 100% name tags!)
This has been a great way to enforce our rule “Wear a name tag”. We tell the kids that if they pull it off and stick it on constantly during the service of class, not only are the

y not obeying the rule – but, it will not be sticky enough to add to the name tag ball.
Do you use labels as name tags (printed or handwritten)? give it a try!
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I say some of the things that I say in Children’s Ministry Presentations and Kid-Show Performances… because it’s funny!

You should always have something fun, funny, witty, or just plain silly to say to your audience. Whether it’s planned or ready to cover a mistake; a funny quote, pun, gag or joke should always be in your pocket.

My latest book, “Because it’s Funny” is 40 Pages of funny things to say that have worked for me over the years – maybe some of these things will work for you too. This is my first book-endeavor that is not exclusively a Children’s Ministry resource… although the stuff in it has been developed both in Children’s Ministry Presentations like: children’s churches, kids’ crusades, camps and outreaches… as well as Kid-Show and Family Performances like; school assemblies, daycares and birthday parties.

Besides, at the last FCM conference I was at, Del WIlson said that he really liked the cover – thanks Del!

…and while you’re there pick up a few other downloads why don’t ya!
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