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Well word is out… This morning I made the announcement to our church, Harmony Church, that Jennifer and I are being stirred to move into fulltime children’s ministry. And that this, of course, would necessitate a move from Harmony Church to a new ministry…

…For those of you who do not know, we have been serving in a part-time capacity in this church and it has been a great experience.

You could tell that the feelings were mixed – they always are and there is no “good way” to give these kinds of announcements. But let me say that, we have been extremely blessed to work with such a great Pastor, Garth Heckman. He has been overly supportive and encouraging as we have started to seek where we are supposed to land. As a reference, he has had nothing but good to tell potential Pastors – And I know that it’s true after talking with one Pastor in particular who relayed much of what Pastor Garth told him.

It’s a bittersweet moment as we are sad to leave Harmony – But, excited to move into full-time children’s ministry once again.

I will keep you posted on the progress – please pray with us, thanks!

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I have recently come into some extra time and I realized that I had promised the 3rd Object Lessons book a few posts back. So, I went through the book, made corrections and updated it as much as possible and – well… here it is!

“EVEN MORE Incredible Object Lessons”
Yep – 12 more illustrated lessons you can use in your kids church or Sunday School. Simple props, basic content yet, powerful messages. Check it out in the bookstore!

And guess what? I am planning a 4th object lessons book. But, I am having a hard time trying to figure out a title. I’ve toyed with: “Oh No… Another Incredible Object Lessons Book” or “Not Again”. Or perhaps: “The Fourth and Final Incredible Object Lessons Book: well maybe not fianl” .

Got any suggestions? If I use your title or idea for a title, I’ll give you a free copy of any of my exsisting Object Lessons Books or you could wait until the new one comes out – Have at it!

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Well – here’s another new product in the bookstore… Direct from my latest Gospel Magic Lecture! 48 pages long with 15 of my complete routines – including:
  • Knot Another Rope Trick (Kids are important to God)
  • I Must Decrease-He Must Increase (The title says it all)
  • Consequences Game show (Jesus took our place on the cross)
  • Instant Bible Coloring Book (A new twist on an old prop)
  • Going Thru Tough Changes (God wants to change us – it’s not easy)
  • The Torn and Restored Heart/AKA Bag-O-Plenty (This is a great salvation message)
  • Bible Tear – Flash Restoration (God’s Word lasts forever)
  • Cast Your Cares on Him (The worries of this world)
  • Three in One (The Trinity)
  • God Already Knows (God is ALL KNOWING)
  • God Can Use Your Little (Tithes)
  • Borrowed Ring To Nest of Boxes (Accepting God’s plan for your life)
  • Broken Heart Frame (God can mend a heart broken by sin)
  • 5-Card Monte with 6 Cards (Find the best way to Heaven)

–Plus 20 Routine Ideas for the POPCORN DYE BOX! (Ideas for the most inexpensive prop)

These are my signature routines that have been tried and tested over the past 15+ years all over America and even overseas!
*PLEASE NOTE: You will notice that there are several of the same effects listed as in my earlier lecture notes: “Tricky Lessons”
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