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Well… it’s been a short while since adding something new to the bookstore… and after a few workshops on object lessons – the question arose as to whether I had these books available online? Well… I had one of them available. So I’ve taken the time to add the second.

I have added Vol. 2 of the Incredible Object Lessons series: MORE Incredible Object Lessons You get eight more object lessons that include elements of science, illusion, and mystery… All with items from around your home or from your church’s supply closets!

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, I will add Vol. 3 EVEN MORE Incredible Object Lessons. But, until them – head to the bookstore, browse, buy and download!
…and to those of you have purchased the books in the past month – thaks for your business!
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I recently posted the following comment on media driven ministry over at: BTW if you are not a member of – I highly reccomend it. If you check out the entire topic, you will see that it is a rather spirited discussion with a great cross-sectoin of children’s leaders from all over America… And, at times, all over the World!

…to quote the Cars: “Shake it Up!”
Use the latest and greatest as well as tried and tested methods. I believe in the statement: “Everything works somewhere – but, nothing works everywhere.”

Study your culture – the kids in your community. Find out what works. Be willing to change according to response and effectiveness.

The other day, my son and I were setting up for church (we meet at a school) I told him to roll the media carts off of the platform that we use for our kids’ service. He grabbed the cart with the overhead projector on it and said, ” we have this in our classroom at school.”

“Oh, does your teacher ever use it?”

“Yeah – it’s pretty cool Dad! You put plastic pages on it and it shines it up on the screen. You can even draw on it!”

I realzed that my son had never seen me use overhead transparncies (He’s 9). I had written off the use of those things ten years ago!

I’ll let you think about it – blessings!

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You know that moment… the one – you know. You can see it, sense it, feel it in the entire room. It’s the moment when you can look out into the faces of the kids in your class or kids’ service – and… whoa! THEY GET IT!

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that moment when there is a connection from the very words you are saying, the concept you are demonstrating – actually cutting thru the object lessons, songs, skits, video clips and cutting to the heart.

These are the wow moments that I live for in a children’s church setting. It’s the time when it’s the best moment to lead right into a time of response. Whether it’s a time of prayer, a worship song and come forward thing, etc.

Having one of these moments in your children’s church setting is crucial – otherwise, you’re just a really entertaining teacher….

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