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Yep – I have become the new Children’s Pastor of Radiant Church in Colorado Springs. So, it’s official and I will actually start there the last week of May. OK, wait – let me back-up: beep, beep, beep.

As you know from the previous post, I went out to the Springs on an compatibility trip to check out the Pastor, staff, church, area, etc. to see if it would be a good match… and the Pastor, staff, church and area were watching me to see if it would be a good match. At the end of the trip, the Pastor even put it all out on the table – in writing: An UN-official offer that he said he would officially offer me during my next trip. I have to tell you, it was great to have it all in writing, in front of us as Jennifer and I prayed about it.

It seemed to be a great match! So, last weekend, they brought me, my wife and my oldest son out to see the area and do an official candidate-kinda-thing. We had a great time and really connected with the Pastor and his family, the staff and many at the church. On Monday, we were officially offered the position of Children’s Pastor and I officially accepted.

This is such a cool church – they have completely tricked-out the entire Children’s Ministry Wing and the decor starts right in the lobby. You can check out some pictures here.

Now – I get to experience the joys of moving my family and our stuff cross-country!

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