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Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.11.43 AMToday is a day to CELEBRATE! A another great church has come alongside us to support us monthly at $100! That puts us over 50% in monthly commitments! Pray about being part of the 2nd 50%.

Head to http://doylefamilymissions.org and see what we’re up to – you can also follow the links in order to support us.

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There are days when it will feel overwhelming to do children’s ministry… there will be days you aren’t sure you want to continue… there will be days when you wonder if God has forgotten about you… But I know for a fact that you can do this children’s ministry thing.  Do you know how I know? Because of the list below:

  • God calls us
  • God equips us
  • God guides us
  • God energizes us
  • God resources us
  • God knows us
  • God loves us
  • God sustains us
  • God watches over us
  • God is with us

Go ahead and add to this list.

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I like to network with KidMins… Why?
Well, I’m glad you asked.

Relationships Are Thicker Than Puppets

You may run out of money, forget about the lesson ideas you once had, damage equipment or download a virus… But the relationships will still be there. Because of those relationships, you will be encouraged. You will rub shoulders with veterans and the young, “hungry” kidmins alike. You will invest into their ministries, in turn, expanding your influence as well.

We Each Got Stuff The Other One Wants

Sometimes when I need a resource I don’t own, can’t afford or that’s not available anymore, I have a resource library spread all over my town. It’s called “Other Church’s Supply Closets”. So many times I can make a few calls or send an e-mail about that curriculum that’s no longer published or a prop I don’t want to drop $300 to use for one weekend… and more often than not, someone has what I need, sitting in their supply closet at church. (Just be careful that you are not making illegal copies or breaking the law if the original buyer has the right to use the resource in only his or her own church only).

Everything I’ve Ever Needed To Know, I Learned From Other Kidmins

I don’t have all of the answers, and neither do you. But If I can surround myself with people who know stuff that I don’t, I will gain the knowledge of those who have “been there” and “done that”. Even if that Kidmin is younger than me or has been in ministry a shorter time, their environments and experiences will be vastly different than mine… and there are answers in that somewhere.

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Having a team of people around you is great! I love the team members that I get to serve with at my church. They are all about ministry to kids and families… I am truly blessed.

But just having a team is not enough. You have to be willing to do some things, not just to keep your team… but to help them move to the next level.  I’ve assembled a list of some of the things you’d better be doing if you want your ministry to grow:

  • Pray for them.
  • Continually speak the vision of the house.
  • Continually interpret the vision of the house so KidMin Leaders can run with it.
  • Actually meet with them as a team on a regular basis.
  • Actually meet with them individually on a regular basis.
  • Find out that one key resource each of your team members needs, and get it for them.
  • Look for resources they’re not asking for, and surprise them with it.
  • Provide training and ministry enhancement opportunities.
  • Read through a book with them.
  • Set up regularly scheduled evaluation meetings for each member.
  • Promote them publicly (Brag them up around EVERYONE).
  • Remove team members who won’t propel forward.
  • Add to the team people who have proven themselves.
  • Show appreciation to each member.
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Did you know that God has faith in you?

That may sound kind of out of line with God’s Word – but it’s not. God, having faith in us, is the reason He keeps on giving us opportunities to serve Him. It’s the reason why He called YOU to Children’s Ministries – He knew that: YOU CAN DO THIS! Whether you think you have the know-how, experience, expertise or you feel completely inadequate – God called you… YOU CAN DO THIS!

Now, don’t get me wrong – we will all face days where we don’t know what to do, or days when trial and error leans more toward the error. We will mess-up, make mistakes, tick-off parents and ruin the craft idea… And yet, in the midst of all those errors – God called YOU!

As a matter of fact, when you are succeeding or failing at the opportunity that God has called you to DO – you are in the middle of the “DO” part – Right where God wants you!  Don’t think that because something didn’t go as planned that you have somehow stepped out of God’s Will.  You are right in the middle of the “DO” part that God called you to do.

And that’s no surprise to God.  God doesn’t sit up in heaven and say, “Whoa – I didn’t see that one coming!” He doesn’t suddenly call Gabriel over to his side and ask, “Hey, Gabe, what do you reckon we do about the ‘craft-disaster’ down there?”

The Good Lord doesn’t say or think these things because He knew YOU CAN DO THIS! So, clean up the messes as best as you can, meet with a few angry parents and plan some new crafts and know that “…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion…” (Philippians 1:6)

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