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David Wakerly over at the just busted my chops (and a few other bloggers) for neglecting to update our blogs… Guilty. The last time I updated this thing was over a month ago when I shamelessly promoted how well my podcast was going. Well, here is an update and I hope you find it helpful:

Kids Don’t Schedule Counseling Appointments – by Jamie Doyle

If you are a kids’ pastor or synonymous leader in your church to children, then you have realized that children aren’t standing in line in front of the children’s church room following the service to set-up a counseling appointment with you. Kids don’t think in those terms. But I have found that kids will talk with you about all kinds of stuff when you are just hanging out with them and being yourself. Issues in their lives will surface when they feel comfortable with you.

I was at a spiritual emphasis week at another church (about ten years ago). I was the featured speaker for the children’s services. Prior to my presentation, the children’s pastor at that church set up games and activities for the kids to play. I was a little put off by this and couldn’t understand why we were “playing games” at a spiritual emphasis church event. The next day, I felt like God had spoken to me to go and play the games. I really didn’t want to but, I did. While I was playing the game, the kids at that table began to talk to me about issues in their own lives. We ended up praying together and I informed the children’s pastor about it so he could continue to minister to those kids later. I continued to move from table to table and just play the games with the kids. That night during the message, I had earned the right to be heard and at the altar time, I knew what I why some of those kids came forward and I knew what to pray about.

To this day, I still schedule activities in which I can just hang out and have fun. Try it – You will earn the right to be heard and you will be able to counsel kids that need it.

Thanks Dave for bustin’ my chops!

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