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I get to do one of my favorite things coming up in August. I get to lecture for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.

I will be presenting my Inside Out Lecture. It features my signature Gospel Magic routines that I have developed and presented for the past… well…. lot of years!
Plus, after the lecture I will have some of my resources available for purchase.
Here are the details for those of you near the Denver area:
  • Date: Monday – August 10, 2009
  • Location: Saint Michaels and All Angels Church, 1400 South University Boulevard Denver, CO.
  • Check in time is 6:45 PM
  • Each person in attendance will receive my lecture notes on CD ROM

If you can make it… please come and let’s have some fun!

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I wanted to say a special thanks you to kidology.org for re-posting my advertisement from this blog about our new CD – “the BIG spin”

I appreciate all that kidology.org has done over the years. If you are not a member, please get the membership – it’s really, my online file-cabinet/bookshelf/church supply closet of all things children’s ministry resources! The stuff there is submietted by CM leaders from all over the world and from every type of church setting. Go for it!
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Whew – lots of stuff going on since my lat post. Taking a new children’s pastor position has proven to take up more time than I had anticipated – but I love being in my element. Let me say that I love being a Children’s Pastor!

We are getting ready to launch a new campus in the fall – we are gearing up, recruiting, casting vision and planning, planning, planning. This is something I have never done before and I am embracing the challenge.
I get to collaborate with my Pastor about what goes on in the adult services and all the kids’ services; in other-words, whatever my Pastor wants to do in the adult services, we do the same thing, or at lease go the same direction in the kids’ services. So, with that said – the topic for the fall is “breaking free”. We are considering a Super Heros kinda theme for the Kids’ Ministries. Got some ideas – e-mail me!
I started on twitter. It’s been fun to connect with great leaders from all over the world. If you’re not on twitter… do it and love it! You can follow me @jamie_doyle
I had a great opportunity to be a part of one of Jim Wideman’s Club teachig in which he brought together 11 other children’s ministry leaders from a variety of churches and backgrounds via a conference call and let everyone ask questions and contribute to the answers. It was fun – thanks Bro. Jim! BTW Jim is offering his Club for free for ministry leaders under age 30… and for a limited time $50 for leaders over 30. Just go to jimwideman.com
I’m trying to put the finishing touches on a CD. Over the years I have arranged stuff on GarageBand for Mac to create our own background music. So the name is nailed down and soon, it will be available in my online bookstore.
Hope you’re staying busy and that God is moving in your ministry!
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It’s been fun teaming up with my Pastor on the on-going sermon series on the book of Acts.  The idea is that the kids and the adults are learning about the same thing.  This week we are in Acts Chapter 9 about Ananias praying for Saul – even though he doesn’t really want to do it.  But because he is obedient – the church not only experiences a time of growth and peace; but, Ananias helps to usher in a convert who is the greatest influence on the spread of the gospel and the growth of the church!  So our emphasis will be on obedience.

I am also pumped about my family and I hitting the road and heading north to my “birth-State”, South Dakota.  I will be there speaking at the Assemblies of God District Children’s Camp.  It will be my first time speaking at a district event in this state – and man, what a honor!  Plus – I get to see some family while there.
****Special thanks to Kidology.org for featuring my post on the “Adding Flash to Your Lessons” book.
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I am in a phone conference as I type with a company that helps churches design a portable church for new church plants and new campuses.  This is pretty exciting to see what God is doing in this church to reach a completely new neighborhood in the Colorado Springs area.

We are working on completely decking out the kids ministry area with all we need in regard to sound, video, set design, check-in and etc!
Pretty fun stuff!
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Yep – I have become the new Children’s Pastor of Radiant Church in Colorado Springs. So, it’s official and I will actually start there the last week of May. OK, wait – let me back-up: beep, beep, beep.

As you know from the previous post, I went out to the Springs on an compatibility trip to check out the Pastor, staff, church, area, etc. to see if it would be a good match… and the Pastor, staff, church and area were watching me to see if it would be a good match. At the end of the trip, the Pastor even put it all out on the table – in writing: An UN-official offer that he said he would officially offer me during my next trip. I have to tell you, it was great to have it all in writing, in front of us as Jennifer and I prayed about it.

It seemed to be a great match! So, last weekend, they brought me, my wife and my oldest son out to see the area and do an official candidate-kinda-thing. We had a great time and really connected with the Pastor and his family, the staff and many at the church. On Monday, we were officially offered the position of Children’s Pastor and I officially accepted.

This is such a cool church – they have completely tricked-out the entire Children’s Ministry Wing and the decor starts right in the lobby. You can check out some pictures here.

Now – I get to experience the joys of moving my family and our stuff cross-country!

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Whew – lots has happened since the last post:
Headed out to a church on a compatibility trip… yeah – just hang time with the Pastor, staff, see the area and to take in the church services to see if… well.. I am am compatible with the church and if the church is compatible with me.

For obvious reasons, I cannot give you a lot of feedback as to how things transpired. But I will offer this bit of info: I liked the church, the Pastor and the community a lot. My wife and oldest son will be going back there this coming weekend for an official candidating.

At the end of my stay with this church – I found out that my Grandpa passed away. What a great guy! An entire blog could be kept busy with stories of Grandpa Fred. So, I found that out on a Monday evening and flew home the next day. I walked in the door of my house at around 2:30 PM and headed out to get my oil changed. Came home to load up the family and we drove 12 hours to the Black Hills for all the funeral stuff.

We came home on Saturday -in time for me to prep for Easter. Then, just yesterday, we had our final service at the church we have been serving at.

“Whew” is right! Now we are finishing some packing to head out tomorrow to IL for a transitional move until we have made some final decisions.

HEY – Thanks for all your prayers!

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My house is now listed and on the market – know anyone needing a home in the south suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul? We’ve had 2 showings up to this point. We’re not praying about the price… that number just seems too big. Instead, we are praying for just one person – the right person.

This Saturday, I fly out to a church to have some hang-time with the pastor and the staff at a great church. I admire a Pastor who just wants to see if his staff and a candidate are compatible. Plus, it gives me a chance to see the area and get to just observe what goes on there on a Sunday morning with the kids, as well as the adults.

On another note: I’m glad to see our snow melting here!

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Well word is out… This morning I made the announcement to our church, Harmony Church, that Jennifer and I are being stirred to move into fulltime children’s ministry. And that this, of course, would necessitate a move from Harmony Church to a new ministry…

…For those of you who do not know, we have been serving in a part-time capacity in this church and it has been a great experience.

You could tell that the feelings were mixed – they always are and there is no “good way” to give these kinds of announcements. But let me say that, we have been extremely blessed to work with such a great Pastor, Garth Heckman. He has been overly supportive and encouraging as we have started to seek where we are supposed to land. As a reference, he has had nothing but good to tell potential Pastors – And I know that it’s true after talking with one Pastor in particular who relayed much of what Pastor Garth told him.

It’s a bittersweet moment as we are sad to leave Harmony – But, excited to move into full-time children’s ministry once again.

I will keep you posted on the progress – please pray with us, thanks!

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For those of you who have been wondering what we’ve been up to: recently, I was introduced as the Children’s Pastor at Harmony Church in Lakeville, MN http://www.harmonybwb.com/

It’s a super great church with a super great pastor!

We have started doing the kids’ service and putting a new plan in place for the church. We are so pumped to be getting back into Children’s Ministry in a church setting!

I will update you on all the new and fun challenges that comes with a new church position. This is a portable church. A few years back, my wife and I were part of a new church-plant in a set-up/tear-down environment. Perhaps those of you in a portable church setting can give me some new insights as well.

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