7 comments on “What’s This All Really Worth?

  1. Somewhere in there I think you touch on the idea of prioritizing too. Its great to have an idea of what is essential, what is necessary and what would be nice to have. In this process I think it csn be easy to fund “maintance” over “growth.” Do we need to make sure that growth ideas and initiatives are prioritized in a tight economy. In other words we might be tempted to fund the purchase of crackers over say a mailer or a new game system. but which is a more effective outreach tool? Also waht helps us communicate Christ’s love the most effectively?

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  3. Jamie,
    This is so right on! I think every pastor should have to work in a very small church with a very small budget for at least a couple of years. In small churches, these principals are learned out of necessity, but they are no more necessary there than in a megachurch.
    I don’t really think every pastor should have to go to a small church, they should go where God has called them, but it never hurts to walk a day in each other’s shoes to learn about what ministry looks like in another environment.

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