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Anticipation – Create It… Maintain It… Satisfy It. I believe in the old education model.  I believe you can use it in your #KidMin services to create, build and satisfy anticipation.  What is the old education model?  I’m glad you asked!  Here’s what it looks like: • Tell them what are going to teach them […]

Stop Using that Rubber Chicken! These kids are bored, sometimes, because, they keep seeing the same props over and over and over again. Sure, you bought that rubber chicken because you knew the kids would laugh when you pulled it out of your briefcase. And I commed you. Every #kidmin leader needs a rubber chicken! […]

You’re Not Really HEARING me! Everything a kid tells you is important. You may not think it’s important, but to that kid, at that moment, it’s the most important thing in their world. We as adults have, over time, developed a filter called: “THE STUFF IMPORTANT TO ME” filter. And we react accordingly. If someone […]

It starts from the moment they walk in… You might have assumed that this whole series of posts was going to be about how to prep and present a better children’s church.  And guess what? Later, I am going to discuss that very thing… but, later. Before you can start the 5 minute countdown, make […]

It’s just the world we live in.  Kids are sucked into media-crazed stupors that they are stuck in.  They have the luxury of playing any video game they want, watch any movie on-demand they can access and visit with kids all over the world.  And when they show-up at church, they’re being told that Jesus […]

It Starts When They Walk In… For this portion of the series, I want to focus on getting the Children’s Church experience started… …Before you can start the 5 minute countdown, make a grandiose announcement, send in a crazy character, start your Bible on fire, or eat donuts suspended from a rope, we need some […]

I have become a firm believer that the blame for many of the discipline issues we face in children’s ministry cannot be placed completely on the children. After all, most of the time, children are just being children – they have not been deliberately sent by the devil to disrupt your class, service or small-group. […]