3 comments on “Kenya – A KidMin Trip To Remember!

  1. We’re pumped for our crsmhtias program this year for our children, it’s a little less intense and they’re really going to enjoy putting on a show for the adults and their families.We’re using the movie for Why do we call in crsmhtias’ in our SS, would have loved to have the church edition, but we couldn’t budget it this time around. Looking forward to sharing the movie with my SS kiddos tho, they’re going to think it’s awesome and are already huge fans of Buck Denver.We’ll also be having two Birthday Parties for Jesus, one with our outreach ministry and another in our Sunday School. Lots of creative fun there.

  2. Hey Miss Cindi here! Just wanted to say hi to all the nice folks at Life Church you guys are GREAT! Everyone made me feel so weolmce It seems like I’ve known y’all forever! Pastor Mel and I had a wonderful time of fellowship thanks for sharing her with me for a few days. Love you Miss Mel!!

  3. definitely gotta have peepers! Also candy, balloons, music or ipod, inflatable balls, stickers, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, my extra large salvation bracelet for telling about Jesus. I take these things on mission trips to Honuras.

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