8 comments on “What if Every #KidMin Leader Was Like Me? Curious Minds Want To Know…

  1. Jamie,

    These questions are way challenging for me. Have to remember that the questions are meant to stretch my faith.

    Here’s one for me:

    What if every #KidMin Leader was like me? Would they have the biggest Farmville farms and Mafia Wars Army or would they have time to do the things that invest in future generations?

  2. Jamie, I voted for ya! I started blogging based on this post http://www.jamiedoyle.com/?p=79. Thanks for putting together some quality ideas. You also turned me onto the other great blogs I have now come to love via your blogroll. I was thinking today how you’re my gateway drug. You got me addicted to this whole blogging thing, reading and writing.

  3. Paul – excellent, I was hoping someone would add their question! You’ve won bragging rights my friend…

    Sam – let me plug your blog:
    http://samluce.com is full of awesomeness! Go there now and raid the place!

    Jared – Thanks for your kind words. Your blog is great! Go to Sam’s blog too!

  4. Great post! The title alone scared me. 🙂 When I start to think I know the best way to do everything and everyone else has got it wrong, I’m on the short road to failure.

    There is great pressure in working with God’s kids to get it right (reference verses re: millstone around the neck and teachers being judges more severely than others), but there is also great comfort in knowing that God is in control in can work in kids’ lives in spite of us.

    Thanks for the thought provoking questions. Self-examination is a powerful thing, especially when we try to do it through the eyes of our ultimate audience – God.

    I suppose I should also thank you for inspiring Pastor Jared as his new blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Sam’s has been one of my favorites for a long time.

    At this point, I am avoiding the temptation to plug my blog in the Kidmin Blog Madness tournament. But, I have decided that it would be shameless to point out that DAD IN THE MIDDLE was a 5th seed in the Eastern Division and desperately needs votes in order to advance in the comments to such a thought provoking article. For that reason, I have decided not to promote DAD IN THE MIDDLE, and just leave this comment as is. 🙂

    In all seriousness though, keep up the great work. I enjoy blogs which tell me how to do think and offer practical help, but I really enjoy ones that start me thinking and pondering and planning. Your blog does both!

    Take care!

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